Manchester Event Promotion Company


Mancunia Promotions was set up at the turn of 2012 with the aim to promote new music with a series of concert and ‘mini festival nights’ throughout the UK. Our sole aim is to get new music heard. By doing so we promote our new artists through showcasing them to play at venues around the country as headliners with the very best in local support to ensure packed venues up and down the UK.

We do the majority of our shows in Manchester as regular as 2-3 per month at venues such as ‘Dry Live’, ‘Barca Live’ and ‘The Attic’.

Examples of our work exist from the like’s of Modern Faces going on to tour with The Twang after meeting at a Napa Live UK reunion which was ran by Mancunia Promotions and spanned 3 countries in the UK. Following that success we tour managed a few dates on their highly successful #propaganda UK tour part 1 and 2, in April 2013 we went on our 2nd UK tour taking Warrington rock ’n rollers  Slydigs on 10 dates from as far north as Aberdeen, to London in the south for their debut album tour.

We work hard for the artists we promote and have artists playing regularly at venues all over the country while we constantly seek out the next ‘big thing’ in new music and give them a platform to take their talent to the next level. We know there is an amazing abundance of new talent emerging from kids in bedrooms to bands in garages and its our aim to take the gamble that the larger companies don’t seem to be taking at present and to keep new and existing music very much alive for years to come.

We specialise in taking band’s regional success into the big cities and further afield, widening audience’s and spreading the word!

New artists we have recently promoted and continue to do so include Modern Faces, Modern Alarms, THePETEBOX, MNQ22,  KOF, ManGetOut, Velvet Audio, Uniform, Darren Smith, The So & So’s, The Slow Readers Club, Little Vegas Lies, The Ruckus, Section 60, Kartica, The Black Delta Movement, Alistair Sheerin, Slydigs, SPTFYR, Son’s of the Stage, Purple Heart Parade, Beats ‘n cheats, Clint, Sansovino, The Afghan Hounds, Stolen Haven, The Swagger, The North, Black Sonic Revolver, SPTFYR, IC1′s, LoveForZero, The Nankeens, The High Nines, Puppet Rebellion, The Otherness, Ruby Tuesday, Audio Subscene, FC-20, Jake Emlyn,  Sons of the Stage, Skinny Roller, No One Sun,  Dan Watkin, The Ninth Watch , The Unassisted, Full On Mighty Riders, and house duo ‘Booya & ‘KidProquo’,  to name a few as well as Napa Live regulars and resident band ‘The Tricks, we have had guest appearances and DJ slots from the likes of Bez (Happy Mondays) and Phil Etheridge (The Twang).

We also manage band’s, arrange music video productions, gig photography at all our shows and live filming.

We also encourage working together with other promoters in all the towns we visit. We communicate thoroughly with our bands, the venues we play and band managers to ensure we all know the best way to drive each other forward.

One Love #1L