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Album review: SlyDigs - Never to be tamed


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Last month saw Warrington based rock and rollers ‘SlyDigs’ release their debut album ‘Never To Be Tamed’. Released through West London label Flicknife Records.

Intro track ‘Worth your weight in gold’ kick starts the punchy rock and roll sound ‘SlyDigs’ carry throughout their tunes, great riffs, banging solo’s and lively, funky choruses. Quick breath and its straight into track two ‘Bang,bang & my bullet was gone’,.with a ‘Pixies’ sounding guitar intro backed up by a ‘Round our way’ saxophone. Front man Dean delivers  lyrical poetry before flying into the chorus, nice solo’s, great vocals and a lively beat.

Track three ‘Stone cold killer’ is a great bluesy rock n’ roll track followed by track four, the brilliant ‘The love that keeps on giving’ that kicks off sounding like a top 90′s ‘Charlatans’ track quickly picking up pace to get your head banging to some amazing riffs and delivery to resemble the best of ‘Primal Scream’, this song wouldn’t be out of place on a Glastonbury sunny afternoon shared with a Jamaican Woodbine ;) Brilliantly uplifting!

The next track has to be good to follow that, and it is! The title track of the album ‘Never to be tamed’. Another top intro had me bending my head to the speaker waiting for the drums to get rolling and the riffs to kick in – and they didn’t disappoint. I can’t help thinking this would be a great track to close a SlyDigs show, an encore, a summing up showing off the attitude, confidence and swagger of this band with the chorus lyrics – “I am a lion..never to be tamed”. A great way to say “This is us, this was us, see you next time”.

All the tracks on the album are written by front man Dean Fairhurst, with the exception of track eight and the next track, six – ‘Something to believe in’ which was co-written by Louis Menguy, founder member and guitarist in the band. Its starts a little slower in comparison to the previous tracks but as the song progresses so does the tempo leading up to an energetic rock n’ roll climax.

Track seven ‘She’s my rattlesnake’ has hints of American blues rock with psychedelic edges and country riffs combined to deliver a warm, happy tune contradictory to the chorus lyrics – “She’s my rattlesnake”. Caution though, will have you walking round singing “woo hoo, woo hoo…yeahhh”.

‘I can’t wait forever’ is the next track and the second that was co-written with Louis, straight into ‘SlyDigs’ rock n’ roll territory from the off, a proper tune, i don’t know whether to play air guitar, air drums or sing…so f**k it, i’ll do all three!

Track nine is a personal favorite of ours – ‘Bitter end’ gets flying with Kravitz style stand out guitars and gentle rolling drums leading to a brilliantly crafted, funky chorus, a dance floor hit at gigs.

‘Hellfire blues’ next on the album features haunting vocals, slow guitars and subtle drums maintaining the rhythm throughout with guitar solo’s and toe tapping beats thrown in. A different feel to the other more up tempo tracks and a glimpse at SlyDigs diversity then BOOM – ‘Electric love’, and your right back deep in SlyDigs rock n’ roll turf. Speedy guitar work, banging drums and a stomping groove.

The final track on the album is ‘Aint no place like knowhere’, delivered with crisp vocals with hints of ‘Be here now’, closing the album in true Digs style! SlyDigs – Never To Be Tamed ,out now on Amazon.

SlyDigs are also Mancunia’s featured artist for October 2012, read it here -

Reviewed by Anton Pell for Mancunia Promotions.




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